We went to a preview screening of the full-dome film, “MMX: Martian Moons eXploration”

On Wednesday, 24 April, a preview screening of the completed full-dome film, “MMX: Martian Moons eXploration” was held at the planetarium “GALAXCITY” in Adachi Ward, Tokyo. The preview was held twice at 4pm and 5:30pm, and many visitors attended to see the film alongside the people involved in the screening and of course, MMX team members! Approximately 20 people from JAXA and MMX attended the screenings. The MMX Project has supported the production by providing materials, so it was quite an emotional experience to see the film finally complete. We cannot reveal details about the film as otherwise we will ruin the experience for you, but we particularly enjoyed seeing the MMX spacecraft heading towards the Martian sphere when it was shown on the domed screen.

English trailer for the full-dome film, MMX: Martian Moons eXploration

There was a talk event after each of the two screenings. After the first show, the production team took the stage and introduced their favourite (or most difficult to produce!) scenes. After the second show, MMX Project Manager Kawakatsu Yasuhiro, Astromaterials Science Research Group Manager Usui Tomohiro, and Professor Tachibana Shogo (University of Tokyo) who had been involved in supervising the film, came on stage and shared their impressions, as well as their expectations and thoughts for the MMX Project.

At the talk event after the preview screening. Film Director Kohsaka Hiromitsu (left) and MMX Project Manager Kawakatsu Yasuhiro.

I was surprised by the story, which was much grander than I had imagined. The spacecraft’s [three module] system is very complex, but we must ensure that it separates and we successfully reach Phobos.

Professor Kawakatsu

We have high expectations for the Phobos sample return. From this, we can learn about when and how Phobos was formed. The full-dome film is great for visual appeal.

Professor Usui

The history of our Solar System is folded into the rocks of Ryugu. By bringing back samples and analysing these, we are able to unravel this history. We hope that many discoveries await us from the Phobos sample that MMX will return.

Professor Tachibana
Messages from attendees at the preview screening. The names of Professors Kawakatsu, Usui, and Tachibana who appeared at the talk show are included. (Credit: Live Corporation and Director Kohsaka Hiromitsu.)

After the screening, junior high school students in the audience asked the speakers to sign their tickets and stickers. We hope the full dome film has kindled even greater interest in MMX!

“MMX: Martian Moons eXploration” has been produced in both Japanese and English. There are screenings in planetariums in Japan, and at film festivals overseas. Do check it out if you have a screening near you!

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