RF Compatibility Test at NASA/DSN

Report by Yasumitsu Ryoichiro, MMX Project

JAXA, MELCO and NASA/JPL members gather to help with the RF compatibility test. MMX Project Manager Kawakatsu is third from the left.

We conducted a RF (Radio Frequency) Compatibility Test that was scheduled to run between October 23 – November 21, 2023. The testing location was Peraton (NASA/JPL contract test facility) in Monrovia, California in the USA. The purpose of the RF compatibility test is to confirm that the spacecraft will be able to communicate successfully with the team on Earth by testing whether the communication systems interface design on the spacecraft and ground stations are compatible. As MMX plans to use one of the NASA/JPL Deep Space Network (DSN) ground stations, the compatibility needed to be tested. The photograph shows a visit by MMX Project Manager Kawakatsu Yasuhiro to the on-site test room on November 1 to confirm the test status and situation with NASA. The whole process is long and lasted about a month, but JAXA, MELCO and NASA/JPL were working together each day to get the necessary checks done.