Arrival and handover of the scientific instrument MEGANE for MMX!

The MEGANE gamma-ray and neutron spectrometer that can probe the composition of celestial bodies has been officially handed over from NASA/APL!

Development of the IREM flight model for MMX is complete!

The Interplanetary Radiation Environment Monitor (IREM) that will investigate radiation exposure doses for future human exploration is ready for integration on the MMX spacecraft!

Development completed for the Super Hi-Vision Camera flight model, that will be onboard MMX!

The Super Hi-Vision Camera (SHV) that will capture 4K and 8K image of the Mars system has been officially handed over for integration on the spacecraft.

Development of the LIDAR flight model for MMX is complete!

The LIDAR laser altimeter is one of the 13 instruments onboard the MMX spacecraft, and has officially been handed over for integration onto the spacecraft.

Our new MMX mission mark

The new mission mark for the Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) mission has been selected!

IDEFIX rover handover complete and ready for MMX and the Martian moons

The IDEFIX rover has arrived in Japan from Europe, and officially handed over to JAXA to join the MMX spacecraft on the journey to Phobos!